10 May, 2011

Sant'Olcese Salami

We've been wanting to do a smoked salame for a long time.  But we weren't aware of any traditional Italian varieties that were smoked, and, in the name of authenticity, we held back, and resigned ourselves to offering only smokeless sausages.
A few months ago we learned about the namesake salami of Sant'Olcese, just north of Genoa.  This village has been producing smoked sausages for centuries.

Our Sant'Olcese is pork and beef with roughly cut chunks of fat, seasoned simply:  black pepper, white wine and garlic.  After the fermentation and drying process has finished, we smoke the sausages at a low temperature.

We're not yet able to replicate the authentic process, which apparently involves days inside a specially crafted low-temperature wood oven.  But now we are happy to present a smoked salame on our menu, one that tastes, moreover, deliciously Italian.

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  1. Of course there is speck from Alto Adige but I see what you mean. I have never encountered it. It is probably isolated to the village. You are smoking in an indoor smoker? This is an excellent blog and I am coming to you to eat this.